Treating Anxiety

Anxiety.I’ve never spoken about this on the page, but anxiety and panic disorder are things which seem to affect more people than I had realised.Going back to my Uni days, I would have full-blown 10/10, black-out, limb-curling, tingling panic attacks where I literally thought I...

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Hemp vs. Cannabis

You may have heard that hemp and cannabis are two entirely different plants with different properties – prepare for that myth to be totally dispelled.This myth was propagated (excuse the pun) by the CBD industry, because society, for a long time, had a moral issue...

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Cannabis psychosis

I would like to address two major arguments made by those in opposition of legalisation, and those are; 1) psychosis/schizophrenia development, and 2) addiction.Regarding the first point, it is generally accepted by the scientific community that there is a lack of evidence which points to...

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